The advent of upright MRI has allowed the medical community to better understand the origins of multiple sclerosis (MS). Imaging the spine in a weight-bearing position, has taught us a lot. Many symptoms of MS can be caused by misalignment’s in the neck or from injuries. These injuries may be more than eight years prior!

These misalignment’s of the spine (subluxations) caused obstruction of “cerebrospinal fluid” which flows throughout the brain and spinal cord. These obstructions increased pressure in the skull and caused “leakages” into the surrounding brain tissue. The protein contained in the leakage caused an autoimmune reaction in the brain. The result in the symptom-generating lesions found in multiple sclerosis!

Specific chiropractic adjustments to these subluxations improve the flow of cerebrospinal fluid! One of the patients in this study saw immediate improvements in vertigo and vomiting, immediately after an adjustment! The time between injury and onset of MS can be up to 8 years. This means it is crucial to get checked by a chiropractor following ANY injury, even without symptoms!