Is Chiropractic Safe?

by firststeps | Mar 7, 2020 | Chiropractic

Is Chiropractic Safe?


Is chiropractic safe?

Is chiropractic safe for pregnancy and pediatrics

What do people go to the chiropractic for

Who can get adjusted

More information about chiropractic

Is chiropractic safe? Is it safe for adults, kids, babies or even pregnant women? The answer is YES! Chiropractic is safe. because our adjustments are very specific, gentle and reproducible. The adjustment does not have to involve high force adjustments. There are techniques that are very gentle, and specific that don’t require any twisting, turning, cracking or popping. Not because that is bad, but using an instrument allows us to be more specific, and consistent during each adjustment making it very safe. See our technique here

With the current healthcare system people are looking for alternative means to keep their families healthy. A study in 2009 noted that of 577 families 54% brought them in for wellness care. The remaining people came in for things such as pain and stiffness, eyes, ears, nose throat, digestive issues and immune dysfunction. Of all the people that came in the only side effect 5% of them experienced was soreness.

One of our specialties is pregnancy and pediatrics. People often hear that and ask us is chiropractic safe? The answer is once again yes. Why does it benefit pregnant mommas? There are a lot of changes and stress that happen during pregnancy. It helps to reduce that stress and ensure that your pelvis is moving properly. This ensures that you are ready for a healthy delivery. We are certified in the Webster technique which is specific for pregnant mommas. Learn more

Is chiropractic safe for kiddos? Yes it is. Given that our technique is so gentle and specific we are able to adjust babies and kids to help them grow up healthy. We are able to help with things like asthma, ear infections, colic, digestion, constipation or diarrhea. If your kiddo has a weakened immune system that can also improve.

What is the number 1 way that we can get a misalignment in the spine? The birthing process. Even if the birth went smoothly and according to plan there are abnormal stresses places on the babies neck as they come through the birthing canal. This creates a misalignment in the upper cervical (neck) area of baby and that has a global effect. It decreases the function of their nervous system and that has an impact on them as they begin to grow, their brain develops and the adapt to their new environment.

Things that Chiropractic care can help with include


Low Back Pain

Neck Pain/Shoulder Pain


Auto Accidents/Whiplash


Sports Injury


Carpal Tunnel

Spinal Degeneration


Numbness/Tingling in Arms or Legs

TMJ Dysfunction


Knee Pain

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