In addition to all our articles and videos our team at First Steps has put together these awesome, wildly helpful PDF guides that are simple and straight to the point. These will help you discover step-by-step how to help your child through all sorts of challenges. Whether it be sensory processing disorder, behavioral, emotional, and sleep challenges, or chronic digestive and immune complaints, we’ve got you covered. Simply click through our incredible library of downloadable health guides. Get your child’s neurological healing journey started right away!

7 Steps To Raising Healthy Kids

Raising Healthy Kids Naturally is not complicated but that doesn’t mean it’s easy either. In this guide, we break down the 7 steps that you can rock like a boss parent!

Raising Healthy Kids Naturally Playbook

Learn the Four Pillars of Health with this Drug-Free Playbook to Keep Your Family Healthy.

3 Ways To Improve Your Childs Sleep

Getting your kiddo sleeping 💤 sound through the night doesn’t have to be an ongoing battle. These 3 tips to improve their sleep are things any parent can take action on right now.


These tips will work for you too, mom or dad!

3 Ways To Get Your Child Pooping

Challenges with constipation 💩 and digestive motility show up very early for many kids. The earlier these challenges show up, the more likely that the difficulties with poop can start to become ‘hard-wired’ into your child’s nervous system and lead to chronic challenges.

Try these three things to bring much needed relief to their system!

3 Steps To Smoothing Transitions For Sensory Kids

Are frequent meltdowns , tantrums, and arguments a regular occurrence when trying to make transitions day-to-day with your sensory kiddo? If so, this 3-step guide is absolutely for you!

3 Steps To Eliminating Ear Infections

3 Steps To Eliminating Ear Infections

Guide Coming Soon. Get notified when its here!

Kick The Sick Cheat Sheet

A “Cheat Sheet” of HELP to conquer consistent congestion 🤧, cough 😮‍💨, and colds 🤒 NATURALLY!

Guide Coming Soon!

3 Steps To Eliminating Ear Infections

3 Steps To Eliminating Ear Infections

Guide Coming Soon!

If you are looking to “make sense” of your child’s health challenges, such as autism, and health care as a whole there are more helpful articles at

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